Reduce noise problems with custom designs and purpose built solutions
interrogate your noise problem and engineer an effective solution
Design, manufacture, install, operate. Complete turnkey solutions
Design, manufacture, install, operate. Complete turnkey solutions


We work closely with customers to monitor, analyse and resolve noise compliance problems.


At Hushpak, we know that complying with workplace requirements can be challenging, especially in facilities where equipment generates high intensity noise. We work closely with customers to monitor, analyse and define their noise problem, and assess and evaluate options to ensure we achieve the most effective solution.


Acoustic Testing We conduct noise modelling, assessment of machinery sound power levels, noise source measurement, sound intensity and fast fourier transform (FFT) frequency analysis. We follow International Standards for dynamic and stationery test conditions when evaluating noise impacts of earth-moving machinery. Through The Advitech Group, we offer Integrated Noise Management. This provides a better understanding of your noise profile and enables informed decisions on how to best address noise challenges. Our organisation-wide approach to manage noise, focuses on maximising productivity and meeting the needs of all stakeholders.


Noise Control Accurate modelling and assessment of noise provides a crucial understanding of how individual components contribute to overall noise. This knowledge is vital for designing the most effective solution. We have a proven track record for measuring, monitoring and solving unwanted noise complaints, with a strong reputation for attenuating sound at the source.



Workplace Noise Hushpak provides monitoring and assessment of workplace noise to help clients provide their workers with a quieter work environment.



Source Attenuation

Hushpak Mufflers


Custom designed mufflers provide optimum noise suppression of mobile equipment or unique static applications, without compromising engine efficiency. Superior materials are selected that withstand harsh conditions. Hushpak manufacture replacement parts, or can recondition mufflers to achieve further noise suppression. Download and submit a muffler quote.

Hushpak dozer noise monitoring

Dozer Attenuation

We have several products available to reduce dozer noise, including idler wheel treatment and track plate or grouser dampers. We consider the numerous operating scenarios that generate track plate noise, to ensure we achieve the best results for your operation.  Our noise attenuation packages have achieved reductions of up to 6dBA. 

Hushpak attenuate haulage trucks and mobile machinery

Mobile Machinery Noise Attenuation

We design and manufacture sound attenuation solutions for mobile machinery, including exhaust and muffler systems, acoustic louvres and enclosures as well as dozer attenuation products. Read more

Enclosures & Barriers

Hushpak Louvres

Barrier Curtains

We custom design curtains for conveyor systems to reduce noise generated by material impact. Our purpose built designs have achieved excellent sound attenuation.

Hushpak Acoustic Louvres

Acoustic Louvres

Hushpak louvres are designed and installed to incorporate low air resistance with aerodynamics to maximise noise reduction whilst ensuring an appropriate level of air flow and ventilation. Our louvres are purpose built and can also serve as weather barriers.

Hushpak acoustic enclosures

Acoustic Enclosures

Our enclosures attenuate or absorb sound and vibration generated by equipment or machinery. Hushpak can custom design and manufacture acoustic enclosures, or upgrade existing enclosures to improve noise attenuation.

Hushpak Acoustic Cladding

Cladding and Fencing

We have two acoustic cladding and fencing products manufactured from Colorbond steel. HushClad® and HushPanel® have remarkable noise reducing properties and superior mechanical strength. Both are visually appealing, durable, light weight and corrosion resistant, with the added advantage of quick and easy construction.  Read more about applications for HushClad®. and HushPanel®.

Workplace Noise

We know how noisy some equipment or plant can be, and how sensitive the noise problem can be to a workplace or community. We have experience in design, redesign, supply and manufacture of noise attenuation systems to ensure compliance. Our extensive knowledge and experience includes measuring, assessing, understanding and predicting noise levels and conducting occupational noise analysis.


As leaders of turnkey acoustic solutions, we reduce unwanted emissions and achieve compliance at your workplace.



Hushpak has almost 20 years experience in providing noise control products to mining, construction, heavy industry and processing plants. Our knowledge of noise propagation, acoustic monitoring, the automotive industry and mining, together with our technical expertise and engineering analysis, enable us to solve your noise or compliance problem without compromising performance, operation or maintainability of equipment. We understand one size does not fit all, so we customise and purpose build solutions to achieve the most effective results. We are... the quiet achievers.


We help customers to implement noise control strategies. First, we interrogate a noisy environment to really understand the problem and underlying issues. Then we manage the design, manufacture and installation to ensure project milestones are achieved. Our comprehensive services also include product selection, budgeting, tender submission and project planning. Finally, we implement the most effective solution, considering other factors such as ventilation, maintenance and safe access, to ensure we don’t compromise operations or impact the health and safety of workers.


We keep abreast of new sound proofing products and acoustic materials and use the latest software, acoustic cameras and equipment to conduct noise assessments. Our knowledge of workplace regulations and standards ensures we help our clients respond to noise complaints and achieve compliance. Over a decade of dozer research has enabled us to develop and optimise a range of solutions that withstand harsh operating conditions and provide significant attenuation. We custom design prototypes for unique noise problems. Our designs are rigorously tested, so the final product achieves optimised sound attenuation.


Hushpak designs and manufactures trademark products and purpose built solutions in our Newcastle facility. We custom design products to suit the situation, rather than using off the shelf products that may incur additional installation costs, impact performance, and not achieve the desired noise reduction. Strict quality control ensures high quality products are delivered. They are shipped directly to customers in a timely manner, ready for assembly and installation. Comprehensive installation instructions are provided to allow customers to manage the installation, saving time and money, or we can complete the installation on site.

Our Team

Our Team is supported by a manufacturing team of experienced and qualified trades and workshop people. This core team has direct access to the broader skills of The Advitech Group and a team of installation and construction contractors. Together, we work closely with our customers to custom design and install quality solutions. The team is focused on achieving world-class technology driven solutions that address and solve real business issues pertaining to noise and workplace atmospheres.

We aim to provide effective solutions that meet noise attenuation without compromising the performance, operation or maintainability of the equipment.

We are committed to supply high quality products that meet or exceed customer requirements, whilst maintaining the highest possible work health and safety standards and protection of the environment.



Hushpak employes acoustic engineers as well as trades people and administrative support staff. We strive to be an employer of choice and operate in a manner that encourages attraction and retention of the best people. As part of The Advitech Group, we offer excellent employment conditions and professional development opportunities.

Positions Vacant

Hushpak is seeking an experienced Projects Engineer (Mechanical) with strong technical skills and practical experience.  Must have design and project management experience. Will suit someone who is keen to move into a senior role. To apply for this role, send us your resume.

If you would like to be considered for a future position, submit your resume to recruitment@hushpak.com.au

The Group

Advitech Group Head Office

Hushpak is a member of The Advitech Group - a collective of advanced technology, consulting and manufacturing businesses.

Our integrated partnership of science, technology, engineering and mathematics professionals provides core consulting services, innovative solutions and niche products to meet the varied needs of business and industry. We help solve business challenges by listening to customers, keeping innovation relevant, and remaining adaptable to the changing needs of the ever-evolving business environment.

Although each entity within The Advitech Group stands as its own business, the collegial, collaborative nature of the group means the collective value of the member companies is greater than the sum of its parts. Our customers benefit from a breadth of specialist capabilities and bespoke solutions not usually accessible within one company.


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Hushpak are leaders in noise source attenuation systems, noise enclosures and barriers for mining, construction, processing plants, mobile machinery and heavy vehicles.
We are the quiet achievers.


is offered through The Advitech Group

This integrated, collaborative approach to noise management gives you value beyond compliance.

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